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Manchmal ist es erstaunlich in welche Richtung sich ein Song ¸ber die Jahre entwickeln kann. Vielleicht machen wir mal irgendwann eine eigene CD mit allen Versionen dieses einen Songs. Mindestens vier vˆllig verschiedene Versionen gibt es bis heute. Hier ist die aktuelle, die es wahrscheinlich auf die Platte schaffen wird:


Faces behind Newspapers
Travelling through the afternoon
On rails in rolling graffitiís
Theyíre moving through the tubes

Black and white and coffee-coloured
Yellow men and green haired girls
Businessmen and punks and little
Schoolgirls on the way to somewhere

I donít know exactly where Iím going
And where I come from
These memories are a big black hole
And itís liable to confuse
And I never was that good
in playing games like that
with guys who cast no shadows
when theyíre coming in

Magicians, Clowns and fortune tellers
Posters on the walls
A circus travelling through the night
They roam from town to town

An old manís asking if I had
A cigarette to smoke
Then wishing me a good day
Before heís fading in the dust

I donít know exactly where Iím going Ö.

The echo of my footsteps
is the only sign of life
In this world below the city streets
Thereís no one else but me

An empty stage in neon light
A silent tune comes through the night
I close my eyes, I fade away
It smells like morning rain

Aufnahme M‰rz 2009

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